Images of elephants kneeling and getting their particular products into a monk’s alms bowl went viral this month whilst the general public questioned whether these incredible photos tend to be legitimate. Last night, the Thai monk for the image was recognized and then he advised a story behind the photo.

As it happens the photo set was actually taken at Pa Ajiang Monastery, in Surin state, where the elephants were raised by them. Phra Kru Samuharn, who was simply within the image, informed journalists that the photos commonly photoshopped.

The photos program the elephants lining as much as render merit as they kneel and place food inside the monk’s alms dish. Phra Kru Samukarn said the four elephants inside the photographs; known as Mongkhol age 9, Yodrak age 15 Kamlai and her child; can really sit and shell out regard for the monk. Also the photographer said “these were astounded by the elephant’s abilities.”