The Hanthana Mountain range is a lovely wonderful set of mountain covers which are … should you want to manage the complete Hanthana Mountain range, you can begin the walk from Kandy.

The range is also a big success with hikers and adventure hunters where they are doing an excellent walk by taking a trip to the position that has seen quick development by means of interaction towers. The Hanthana Mountain range consists of more than seven highs dotted gracefully. One of the seven peaks, the forth peak could be the greatest in addition to Katusukonda will be the last top and somewhat harmful element of this mountain assortment. College of Peradeniya can be found right beside the Hanthana Mountain range

If you wish to manage the whole Hanthana Mountain range, you could start the walk from Nilambe Meditation Center part and end from Kandy part.

The height that is maximum of range was 3800 ft. The mountain variety consists of seven peaks. The greatest one being the Uura Kanda. The product range is actually a favourite location among the mountain hikers in Sri Lanka.