A piece of aluminum , which was discovered about 10 meters deep in the ground, a team of workers who carry out excavation works on the Mures River . Mysterious piece of metal was found among several prehistoric animal bones, which increases the strangeness of the encounter. What this strange looking metal block through the bones of mastodons dating back millions of years?

Older than 20,000 years

Aluminum piece was donated to the Museum of History of Transylvania, but despite impressive discovery, no investigation was not triggered in the next 20 years. Only in 1995, when publishers of magazines about UFO strange thrown object found somewhere in the basement of the museum, has sparked an extensive analysis of the mysterious artifact, writes gorj-domino.ro.

Weighed about 2.5 kilograms and have a size of 20x12x7 cm. It was found with amazement that has existed for over 20,000 years and consists mainly of aluminum (89%), and of 11 other base metals in precise proportions. Scientists were shocked that pure aluminum is not found in nature, and aluminum processing technology was discovered only in the 19th century were born immediately certain assumptions, such as origin is extraterrestrial, but this theory has failed Cluj history when Michael Wittenberger, claimed that this theory is impossible. “Probably ufology have thought that there was no connection between bones and mammoth piece of aluminum. I know it was rumored that the song is alien or that it belongs to a flying saucer, but now the evidence is clear. There’s nothing alien. If you were to fall from heaven, surely would have melted aluminum, “reads Michael Wittenberger. And if not extraterrestrial origin, then who made this piece aluminum 20,000 years ago?

Until Aiud

An aeronautical engineer who examined the object compared the Aiud block with a point of support for a smaller version of a module for space exploration such as lunar module or foot Viking probe. According to this hypothesis, the object as part of an alien spaceships, may have got worse, after a forced landing. For this reason it is called “heel alien”. These are simple theories on explaining the existence of mysterious object, but so far none has proved to be plausible. The fact is that until the Aiud there has existed impressed that, ultimately, we delve into the mystery of the past unimaginable our planet.