As soon as we say Nagadeepa Viharaya exactly what pops into the mind is the Nagadeepaya at Jaffna. But hidden deep inside the Uraniya community into the Badulla Bimtenni Korale of Ridimaliyadda District Secretariat unit for the Badulla area is actually damages of an old temple that is unexplored also referred to as Nagadeepa Viharaya recognized for the mysterious supernatural forces one of the villagers.

The damages within this temple can be found adjoining the Nagadeepa Reservoir at Rideemaliyadda. In accordance with the folklore this region have been an inhabited because of the Naga tribe into the old past and therefore has-been labeled as Nagadeepa.

The tank from inside the Uraniya too is called Nagadeepa Tank which has been integrated 1968. Using this irrigation plan a lot of Nagadeepa Temple secure happens to be lost according to the liquid of Nagadeepa wewa in addition to all their ruins that are unexplored.

Since no the proper archaeological research has been accomplished on the ruins of Mahiyangana Nagadeepa, their record still is unknown but according to the folklore this temple dates back so far as the reign of master Dutugemunu where their says that the prince used this area as a camping and an exercise ground for their armies and that he made a promise only at that location before going to battle with the Elara.

The temple contains wrecks of 2 stupa and lots of wrecks of property. Its antiquity could possibly be traced on the c that is 6-7. A.D. through the characters of an inscription found from the webpages. Nevertheless pillar inscriptions and slab inscriptions online dating to 9-10c A.D. had been found inside the temple premise.

Small stupa at the Nagadeepa webpages is known to be constructed by king Dutugemunu is pretty preserved up to the Devatha Kotuwa.

Above this stupa is a stupa that is massive is now observed in the same way a overgrown mound of earth. On top of this might be a old image house.

Some recovery associated with damages happens to be done in 1989 by the information on the chairman R. Premadasa parreal into the 1989 Gam Udawa in Mahiyanganaya. The residence that is existing for the bikkus and is in the middle of ancient stone pillars along with other damages has been discovered getting built on the top of old Buddha image quarters.

Nowadays this ruined temple is actually looked after by an individual monk who’s reported to be the only real individual who is able to take adobe with the dark colored causes within this mystical secure. Many other priests who has got arrived at the temple enjoys remaining eventually due the worries with the dark colored causes making merely this priest to provide for the temple.

Following the conflict, subsequently president Mahinda Rajapaksha have checked out your website again and developed a sealed an enclosure enshrining a 1 1/2 base cobra that is high manufactured from sterling silver and plated in silver to fulfill their wow. The statue was in fact completely hidden from public eye. Next their agent (astrologer?) has updated that the placement of the statue is actually wrong and another enclosure has become created east into the stupa this right time in cup therefore the Cobra Statue has been deposited inside it noticeable to people. In March 2015 it actually was stated that this sculpture was actually stolen from the temple.

The Archaeological section have declared the Ridimaliyadda Nagadeepa Viharaya as a protected monument.