Sri Lankan folk songs which can be named “JANA GEE”  or “JANA KAVI” happens to be started during our very own times that are olden our Sinhalese ancestors.These Sinhalese villagers familiar with sing these folk songs as they put to get results in paddy fields especially when you look at the nights, and plumbago mines and in addition while rowing watercraft, while moving merchandise in bullock carts.These folk songs happened to be impulsive thinking which emerged inside the villagers quick heads, which demonstrated her exhaustion and interest in perform and so on… Also the mom put to play lullabies due to their young children to fall asleep. Every one of these  some ideas and terminology came from their particular minds. Jana Gee (folk songs) provides played an important role in the cultural improvement the Sri  Lankan society. Jana Gee has also been an extension in our Sinhalese vocabulary, it had the capability of revealing behavior and thoughts that couldn’t be told simply in terminology.Folk music symbolizes an increased emotion all of us have towards our heritage that is cultural collective history and the area where our forefathers happened to be produced and nourished. Sri Lankan people poems happened to be always distinctive.