‘Ramayanaa’, one of the greatest from the two-epics of Indian customs. They stall by as a testament to Hindu religion actually these days but is being brushed-off by many stating so it’s only a work of fiction and absolutely nothing a lot more.

‘Ramayanaa’ was caused by getting penned-down by the great Sage, Valmiki during 5000 B.C. The book that is original considered incorporate about 7 books or ‘Kandas’ that portrays different feet of the lifetime of Lord Rama and his biography at length.

But yet, Ramayana is considered to be merely part of books and never a testament that is historical to not enough enough proof to prove that- it really taken place.

However, Here in Sri Lanka we have found some mysterious stone also called Seetha Guli according to the legend. That is a one of evidence about Rama Rawana story in Sri Lanka.