Hair becomes their color by pigment cells contained in the hair follicles. Over time passing by, the wide range of pigment tissue lowers, causing gray hair. The combination of coconut lemon and oil juice nourishes the head and safeguards the pigment cells, thus can prevent the expanding of grey hair.

Besides, coconut oil was rich in powerful antimicrobial qualities, medium-chain efas and lauric acids, which can help change the initial tone and enhance your hair. Lemon juice have a lot of multivitamins like nutrients C and B. All of these nutrients will make the hair roots healthier and powerful. For your above factors, you’ll depend on coconut oil and orange fruit juice for the treatment of hair that is grey.

Things you need:

2 teaspoons of lemon liquid
2 tablespoons of coconut oil

Warm up the coconut petroleum to warm.
To take wax off through the temperature.
Mix and blend in the lemon juice.
Utilize this mixture that is warm of oil and lemon juices to your head and tresses.
Let it rest for around 30 minutes.
Wash with water right after which use a mild shampoo to wash the hair.
Recurring twice a week for ideal results.