01. According to vasthu shasthra, Keep dry turmeric tied in yellow cloth under your pillow for wealth and prosperity.

02. To enhance your customers, on Monday bring a leaf from peepal tree and keep that under cushion on in cash box of your shop.

03. To seek blessing of suryadev keep copper vessel filled with water under your bed. Also keep red sandalwood under pillow.

04. For strengthening your will power. Keep silver bowl filled water under your bed. Also wear silver ear ring.

05. To enhance decision making power, keep gold or silver ornaments under your pillow. This will remove mangal dosha and also keep bronze bowl filled with water.

06. To enhance personal charm, keep a fish made with silver metal under your bed, or in a bowl filled with water.

07. To get rid of negative effects of Saturn, keep water in an iron vessel under your bed. Also keep blue sapphire under your pillow if possible. People who want to get married should not keep iron object under their bed.