According to Vasthu Shasthra, it is not advisable to keep hanging old calendars in house or office. Doing so, reduces the chances of progress in your life.

Both clock and calendar indicate time and south direction is the symbol of stagnation. Time indicators should therefore not be kept in direction. Doing so will bring bad-luck and remove future opportunities. it also has negative effects on health of family members.

North direction is the side of Lord Kuber. in this direction, calendars with greenery, fountain, river, sea, waterfall pictures should be hanged.

According to vasthu shasthra, one should hang a calendar on the main door of the house, affects the energy entering the house in a negative manner.

West direction is the direction of flow. Hanging calendars in this direction brings energy in your life. This also leads people to be highly effective in whatever they do.

If you are using a calendar with pictures, make sure that it does not contain images of nudity, violence or animal in pain. These images spread negativity in the house and can leave a poor impression on the minds of young children.