In architectural science, mirrors play a very important role in shifting cosmic energies because of their power of reflection.

Architectural tips for placing mirrors at your workplace or home

01. In front of bed
Should you spot a mirror in-front of the bed, it’ll write chaos between you and the one you display the room with. It gives energies that are negative.

02. In front of your door
Never place a mirror in front of your door. It will reflect all the positive energy coming inside and you will end up losing many opportunities in life.

03. In front of window
You can place a mirror in front of your room’s window from inside. It is a best way to capture positive energies.

04. In bathroom
Place mirror only on east or north wall in Bathroom and never place two mirrors in front of each other.

05. In the children’s bedroom, the mirror should not be placed near the study table as it will distract them while studying.