Anyone having three lines that are parallel temple lives cheerfully for sixty many years.

Two lines that are parallel forehead indicates that he’d living till age of forty ages.

Just one line regarding the forehead indicates that he would have actually a short lifestyle.

But then he lives for a century if the line stretches up to both the ears.

Then the concerned person lives for seventy years if two parallel lines on the forehead stretches up to both the ears.

A triple parallel outlines attaining both the ears suggests that he’d reside till the age of sixty ages.

a forehead lacking of every line about it means the alarmed people would live for only forty age.

A cobweb of intersecting lines on the temple suggests that the alarmed individual is worried person was clear to die a death that is premature.

a temple with a trident or an axe mark-on it indicates that the person that is concerned getting prosperous and alive for 100 years.