Crows are referred as our ancestors; it is believed that crows can predict about upcoming troubles in life.

01 – If a flying crow hit with his beak on a person’s head, he can suffer from illness.

02 – If a crow drops piece of flesh on that person, t can lead to that man’s death.

03 – If you see crow coming from the south-east direction in the evining, it indicates monetary gain.

04 – If a crow comes in front of your vehicle and caw loudly, it indicates that the man is going to be successful in his work.

05 – If you see crow sitting on a pot full of water, you are going to get rich.

06 – If a crow sits on top of a man’s head, loose his respect in the society.

07 – If a crow comes and sit on top of a women her husband can get in to trouble.

08 – If lots of crows gather together and star making loud around a place, home, office etc, that place can suffer from bad news.