Cactus or related plants which can be thorny should never getting kept in our home.
Bonsai woods
According to Vasthu, herbs with yellow flowers and trees that are bonsai net feel kept inside the house. Nevertheless, you might have them in an space that is open outdoors.
Its believed that wicked spirit stay in tamarind and myrtle tree. Consequently, practices ought to be taken up to stay away from building a residence where trees that are such existing.
Lifeless flowers. Never hold lifeless or passing away plant life in the home actually dry flowers are believed bad luck.
Babul forest
Thorny woods including babul can create disputes in the home
Pure Cotton. Pure cotton place soft pure cotton plat and Palmyra tree may also be regarded inauspicious whenever grown around a home.
Be it small or big, avoid keeping plants that are potted the north and east wall space of your home.
Taller woods, if present in the east or north-east way in the residence, emanate energy that is negative.