The picture with the flight utilizing the hooded birds occupying a large section of the airplanes was actually taken of the pilot and provided by Reddit user lensoo.

Although creating countless wild birds on an airplane is fairly uncommon, several air companies offering the Gulf reports permit people to take falcons aboard with them, including Etihad Airways, Emirates, Qatar Airways and regal Jordanian Airlines.

Lufthansa features stands that are special first-class travelers to get their particular falcons on during journey.

The United Arab Emirates keeps released passports for falcons since 2002 and it has released thousands of trips records when it comes to wild birds.

Falconry are an old and vital the main heritage that is arab society and is quite popular within the Gulf States. There are two reproduction farms when you look at the Emirates, also those who work in Qatar and Saudi Arabia, and Abu Dhabi gets the falcon hospital that is largest in the world. It’s estimated that you will find around 3,000 wild birds useful for falconry into the Arabian Peninsula.