A powerful Kreese is created with a few metals, such as a bit of “meteorite”, by a master craftsman referred to as an “Empu,” and ergo the Kreese came to be referred to as “Henaraja Thalaya” (Blade produced from the thunderbolt). Saradiel, whilst seeing their domme, Thangamma, into the location from the railroad contours, had seen the Kreese and eventually stolen it from Raban. The legend happens that whomever gets the Kreese (Henaraja Thalaya) on their people, try practically “bulletproof’. “Henaraja Thalaya” have, aided by the duration of time, somehow undergone a name- change to “Henaraja Thailaya” (Oil through the Thunderbolt). Whenever Saradiel had been shot by Sergeant Mahat, the “powerful” Kreese is under their pillow.