Geologists state they have found a continent that is new the eastern of Australia: Zealandia. At 4.9 million rectangular kilometres of land size, 94 per cent of that will be under liquids, Zealandia is the world’s continent that is smallest.

The word Zealandia is coined by geophysicist Bruce Luyendyk in 1995, of which energy it had been thought to possess three with the four needed characteristics requisite for region status. A discovery that is recent satellite technology and gravity maps of the ocean flooring need disclosed that Zealandia is a big unified location, rewarding all four demands.

The governmental and economic implications of a new region would be manifold, with the matter of clearly identifying just what belongs to unique Zealand and Australia especially salient in light of offshore mining in the region.

A six-year research by the GNS Science analysis institute in unique Zealand enjoys uncovered that there may be tens of huge amounts of dollars worth of fossil fuels positioned off-shore in the region.

According to the scholarly learn, the 94 per cent of Zealandia currently immersed broke far from Australian Continent and sank 60-85 million years ago.