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Thursday, November 23, 2017

Monk Meditating By Standing From Morning To Night

We Vishwakarma went to worship Anuradhapura Swarnamali Maha Seya and we saw a Buddhist Monk meditating from morning to evening in Maha Seya premises....

The Mystic Nagadeepa Rajamaha Viharaya at Mahiyanganaya

As soon as we say Nagadeepa Viharaya exactly what pops into the mind is the Nagadeepaya at Jaffna. But hidden deep inside the Uraniya...

Man Who Reveal 20000 Years History

We vishwakarma earlier posted about K. A. Karunadasa who reveale the 20000 years history. Here again we are re-posting the relevant video for your...

250,000-Year-Old Aluminum May Be From UFO Wreckage

A piece of aluminum , which was discovered about 10 meters deep in the ground, a team of workers who carry out excavation works...

Alien-like Sealand Skull

You can find things that are really bizarre have already been found on Earth in current many years.It’s hard to vary real objects from...

Mysterious Place Of Mandaram Nuwara

Mandaram Nuwara are a beautiful village that is little in the base slopes of Piduruthalagala from the Walapane part. In reality from Mandaram Nuwara...

Statue Of Jesus Christ Open His Eyes

Spooky video footage of a Jesus statue starting the attention features left some believers claiming it really is a miracle. Paranormal investigators posses scoured during...

Mysterious Evidence Of Ravana In Sri Lanka

Pettigala is the most mysterious place in the Sri Lanka That we can find lot of evidence of Ravana Kingdom. Still no one knows...

Is This Ancient Greek Statue Showing A Laptop

Legend have they that the Oracle of Delphi linked priests with super natural beings which passed away along sophisticated development and facts, and conspiracy...

The Lost Mountain World of the Clouds

Mount Roraima is the finest in the Pakaraima mountain chain in South America and something for the world’s many extraordinary all-natural geological formations. The...

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Astrological Predictions For 2017 By Yogi Sujith Nishantha

End of the Decembe 2016, we had an exclusive interview with Sujith Nishantha Yogi regarding the 2017 new year predictions and future political situation of...

How To Use Boiled Eggs To Cure Diabetes

Do you feel if I asserted that you can easily beat diabetic issues using only one egg? Many gurus believe that this has an...

Hiking The Alien Mountain – Dhanigala

The documentary highlighted a mountain also known as Dhanigala and its particular temple. In recent years there has been some news about some UFO...